I will maintain and repair any type of bicycle regardless of where or when you bought it.

Please see the table below for a list of common repair prices. More difficult or complex jobs may incur a further charge. Of course I will always keep you informed of any extra costs.  Please give me a call to discuss any repairs not mentioned below.

Please try and make sure your bike is reasonably clean when presenting for a service or a repair

Prices current as of January 2017.

Phill Harrison Bike Service and Repair - example individual job costs (excluding parts) no VAT

Adjust / Index Front & Rear Derailleurs £15
Replace Chain (Quick Links used as necessary) £10
Replace Gear Cassette / check / adjust indexing £10
Replace Front or Rear Derailleur £15
Replace Inner Brake or Gear Cable £10
Replace Gear Shift / Brake Lever £15
Bearing Service / replacement (Cartridge type) - if threads are seized extra work will be required £20
Strip / clean / lubricate / replace Blocks / Pads £15
Strip / replace Bearings / Cups as necessary £15
Hub Service - clean / replace Bearings as necessary / lubricate £12
Replace Spindle / Axle £12
Replace Free Wheel Hub £12
Replace Tyre and / or Tube £8
True Wheel (seized / broken spokes will require extra work) £15
Fit Rack if compatible £12
Fit Mudguards if compatible £15
Fit Handlebars / Stem if compatible £15
Replace Handlebar Tape £10
Hand clean (not pressure wash) Frame / Derailleurs / Gears / Chain & re-lubricate £30


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